''When we give with our full heart, true magic starts to happen.''

One small act of generosity on the part of one caring person can transform the lives of hundreds. It takes only one light to dispel the darkness, and even just one basket or a few, to bring hope

What began more than 30 years ago as Tony's individual effort to feed families in need, has now grown into the Anthony Robbins Foundation's International Basket Brigade, providing baskets of food and household items for an estimated 2 million people annually in countries all over the world. Throughout the year International Basket Brigade volunteers deliver food, clothing, and hope to those who need it most. The Foundation would be honored to have you become a part of this truly wonderful event.

Basket Brigade Story

One afternoon, a young boy heard a knock at the front door of his family home. He answered and found a man holding a basket full of fixings for a Thanksgiving meal on the other side. The young boy couldn't hide his excitement because he knew his family would not able to afford a meal for the holiday that year. Moments later, the boy's father came into the room to turn the man at the door away because he was too proud to accept handouts. 

The man at the door did not leave - instead he assured the young boy and his father that the basket was not from him, but from a friend and he was just the delivery person. Upon hearing this, the father had no choice but to accept the gift. The next day, the young boy and his  family were able to sit down to a beautiful Thanksgiving meal they would have otherwise gone without.

This unconditional expression of love impressed the young boy and he swore that he would do well enough in life to return the favor and pass it on to others.

The young boy in the story is Tony Robbins who went on to become a globally recognized Entrepreneur, Author and Peak Performace Strategist. He is also the Founder and President of The Anthony Robbins Foundation. Today, volunteers for his foundation deliver baskets to millions of families around the world every holiday season through his Foundation's grassroots volunteer program, the International Basket Brigade.


Giving back is the strongest, most effective way to really live your life fullest. This is why, in addition to transforming lives through coaching and consulting, we organized Los Angeles Basket Brigade to bring more light to the local and global community.

Our Basket Brigades run and staffed by volunteers that would like to touch lives through giving&sharing. This is where all the understanding and information we receive from Tony Robbins is truly manifested and miracles are created.

LA Basket Brigade builds on the efforts and Light brought by its volunteers. Every individual comes with his or her own magic.

If you are interested in bringing your magic to our Basket Brigade, pls fill out Volunteer Form.

WHEN: 4th of JULY,2011

              10am to 1pm

WHERE: Covenant House California

1325 N. Western Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90027


HOW: Bring your filled decorated baskets & Serve breakfast to the kids with Ananda Giri - Check The Basket page for more information on what to include in your basket. Remember discount stores (Dollar Tree, Bil Lots, 99 Cents,etc...) have lots of the basket items for great prices!



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